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Supporting people faced with a career transition.
Are you a successful professional who is ready to discover what else could be possible in your career?
You may have been successful thus far in your career but are currently bored, disengaged or feeling underwhelmed or possibly even unseen at work.
With untapped potential to achieve greater success you are ready to do some self-exploration to determine what your true career passion or calling is. You are willing and able to take the necessary action to move forward and be accountable for your own progress.

Partnering with Angela, a certified Career Coach in Auckland, can help broaden your perspective and open you up to new opportunities to help you succeed with taking the next steps in your career transition.

12 Week Career Transition Program

I support you to create a vision for the future, whether you want to pursue a job, a career, or discover your calling. Together we discover your values, and then I support you to plan and build the career you want to have.

Self Discovery Session

A personalised exploration of your current career position, gaining new perspectives and insights to help you see with clarity the bigger picture of what is and is not working for you right now.

Angela Couch  of Career Inspiration- Auckland Career Coach - Career Coaching Auckland

How Do I Know If I Need a Career Coach?

What is Career Coaching?

Career Coaching is a partnership setup for transformative conversations and activities dedicated to helping you grow professionally and feel inspired to take meaningful steps towards achieving your own aspirations and career success.

You need a Career Coach when...
  • You lack a clear vision of your future career and don’t know what to do next.
  • You hate your current job but feel stuck and can’t find a suitable career path to move forward.
  • You aren’t over your ex — job, that is.
  • You are ambitious and ready to discover the next step in your career.
  • You’ve landed that big promotion but now you are feeling overwhelmed and waiting for someone to “call out the imposter”.
How Do I Know if Career Coaching with Angela Is Right for Me?

It is important that you feel you can relate to your coach in a safe and trusted environment. Angela offers a free initial consultation, where you have the opportunity to discuss your needs and ask any questions you have about the career coaching service she provides.

About Angela Couch

Career Coach

My purpose, as your certified Career Coach, is to create a safe environment for you – one that allows inspiring dreams of your future career to be explored and then transformed into a satisfying career experience through practical goals, plans and actions that are within your reach.

Angela Couch  of Career Inspiration- Auckland Career Coach - Career Coaching Auckland

“The best result of working with Angela is how I see myself now as a capable, likeable and intelligent person who can succeed at anything I put my mind to – you can’t put a price on that!”

Career News & Resources

Why is it a bad idea to take a pay cut when getting a new job?

Let me start with this: It’s not always a bad idea to take a pay cut when getting a new job. However, it is wise to consider the full scope of what you are willing to accept. When I coach people who are contemplating starting a new job, they are looking for...

Why do so many people stick with jobs they are really not enjoying and don’t like?

In my experience, self-doubt. Everyone has an excuse about why they cannot move forward in their career. They’ve either been in their job too long and so they feel that they don’t have the necessary diversity of skills that they need for someone to be...

Venturing into the Unknown

Venturing into the unknown can sometimes feel like you are staring into a black abyss When considering a change in your career whether that be a fresh new start; a change in direction; or a step up to a desired promotion, doing something new can feel uncomfortable and...

I consulted Angela as I was unsure of the direction I wanted to go in my career. At age 49 I was feeling stagnated and wanted a clearer path. I felt frustrated as I knew from observing the capability of others in the organization that I was capable of a more senior role with a lot more responsibility and ultimately, a higher salary but wasn’t sure how to move forward.

What I loved about the coaching with Angela was the subtle way that she used coaching tools such as her Points of You cards, to help me explore myself and my values around work and to gain clarity and also think outside the box. She helped me see and seek opportunities I hadn’t necessarily thought of. I learned that I can go for roles outside of my comfort zone and get them!

I have no doubt that the career coaching I had with Angela has enabled me to make a significant career leap in a very short time. The job I have recently accepted offers more than I could have imagined in terms of challenge, the ability to make a difference, use my skillset and with remuneration to match.


I came to Angela as I was extremely unhappy in my workplace. I was unhappy with the company culture, the pay and my levels of stress. But I also felt stuck there.
I was hoping Angela would be able to help me develop some clarity and confidence about what I wanted to do next as I didn’t want ‘just another job’. I wanted to do something that would make me happy and keep me interested and stimulated with the opportunity to earn more. The issue was, I didn’t know what that looked like or even what industry I wanted to be in.

The best result is how I see myself now. I see myself as a capable, likeable and intelligent person who can succeed at anything I put my mind to – you can’t put a price on that.

If you want to develop and move forward go to Angela. She’s incredible at what she does, her many years of experience in HR and recruitment clearly reflect in her work. Angela is very easy to work with and she genuinely cares about you and your progress.
I couldn’t be happier with my results!


​Angela has motivated me to work on the insights and perspective that I developed from the coaching session.

I particularly liked the ”Points of You” cards Angela uses to help you see potential blockages that could be getting in your way, things that may not be working for you any longer plus insights to help you get to your next step.

Angela is excellent at what she does. I felt very at ease with Angela. She has a genuine care for you and creates a safe space in which to explore your current situation, clear any limiting beliefs that may be holding you back from exploring further options for your future. I would highly recommend anyone feeling ‘stuck’ with what should be their next move in their career to seek out Angela’s expertise.




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