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Career Coach

Angela is a Certified Career Coach in Auckland who is passionate about helping you find your purpose and realise your own vision of career success.

Her supportive career coaching approach is to collaborate with you – creating a space where you can connect with what truly inspires you and feel safe to explore new career ideas.

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Angela Couch – My Story

When I started my career… I worked to live!
The purpose of my time at work was to earn money so I could spend it having fun after hours. As I got older, I became unsatisfied with the status quo, feeling frustrated that in my career it felt like this was as good as it gets. Life was supposed to be fun and suddenly that needed to include my working life. Living for lunch breaks or to have money to spend on the weekends and holidays, simply wasn’t good enough for me anymore. I worked with great people, the pay was good, and the hours were flexible.

But unfortunately, the job was boring, and I couldn’t shake the feeling that there must be a better way to live and work (maybe you’ve felt this way?).

So, I quit my job without having anything else lined up. I didn’t have a clue what I was going to do next.

Consequently, I decided to try everything I could. I worked in as many varied roles and industries as I could find. I wanted to gain exposure to new experiences and just hoped that eventually something would come up that I liked. It took me a while and several different roles before I began to realize that there was a common theme. I really liked building new relationships with people.

The next step for me was becoming a recruitment consultant. I loved it. Being paid to connect with new people every week and help them find a new job was extremely satisfying for me.

Until I reached the point where I wanted more…

I had a desire to build more meaningful and in-depth professional relationships with people. I felt my relationships with my candidates was short lived. I would help them get a new job and then usually wouldn’t hear from them again.

This is when I transitioned into Human Resource Management, where I got to be satisfied building richer longer-term professional relationships with people. I got more involved, not only in the recruitment process, but in peoples ongoing career development and organisational succession planning. Once again, for a while at least this was very satisfying.


I kept finding employees would become disengaged at work. They were often initially high-performing people with lots of potential to make a real impact on the success of the organisation.

But after a time, they were starting to feel unsatisfied in their day-to-day tasks and no amount of financial incentives, training courses or performance management would solve this issue for them.

As a result, communication between the employee and the organisation would start to breakdown and those valued employees would often leave the organization, seeking new opportunities elsewhere with no assurances that a new environment would bring them any greater fulfilment.

I discovered there has got to be more I can do to help these people find greater satisfaction in their careers. This is how my desire to develop my coaching career grew.

In coaching, I feel satisfied when I get to help you connect with your own career aspirations. I assist you to gain clarity about what you truly value and to take control of how you move forward in your career. I enjoy watching my clients realise their own passions and aspirations for career success!

“Career coaching with Angela has enabled a significant career leap – more than I could have imagined!
I now use my skillset to make a difference and have remuneration to match! “

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Why Work With Me?

I am a certified professional Career Coach with invaluable experience working in both Recruitment and Human Resource Management (HRM)

As a Recruitment Consultant I have had first-hand knowledge of:
• What recruiters and hiring managers are looking for when they are evaluating your suitability and fit within their organization.
• What it is like to be on the other side of the recruitment process of applying for new positions seeking that elusive offer of employment and going through an often-lengthy process of proving to other people why you are the best person for the job.
• How disappointing it can be to get the rejection phone call or email saying your job application was unsuccessful.
• How exhilarating it is when the job offer is made and you have the signed contract in your hand.
• How exciting and yet at the same time challenging it can be starting a new role within an organization – While it can be fun being the new person, it can also be an isolating experience while it takes time to learn the new systems and develop professional working relationships with colleagues.

Through corporate experience in HRM, with a focus on career development and employee engagement I know the pitfalls of pushing people who are unhappy in their current role into training, promotion or a pay rise to try to make their problems go away.
I know that what can be needed instead, is listening to what the employee wants and working together to create a sustainable and satisfying solution for both the employee and the organization.

With the wisdom that comes from this professional experience, I am qualified, experienced and inspired to help you move from where you are at right now in your career towards a more fulfilling career that makes you want to get out of bed and get to work in the morning!



  • Graduate Certificate in Professional Coaching
  • BBS, Human Resource Management
  • Certificate in Small Business and Project Management


  • 10 years experience in HRM focusing on Career Development and Recruitment
  • 5 years as a Recruitment Consultant working with SMEs as well as large corporate organisations



022 646 7818