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I’ve been in my job too long and I don’t feel qualified to do anything else. How can you help?

You have been in your job for what seems like forever, and would like to do something else, but don’t feel qualified to do anything else.

So, what can we do about this?

The key thing is that I can help you explore what it is you want to be doing and next steps to help you achieve it.

First what we look at what else is out there that you want to be doing.

In the working world outside of your comfort zone the possibilities may seem endless and where to even start can seem overwhelming.

But you don’t have to start from scratch when you don’t feel qualified to do anything else.

Working with a career coach can help you get very clear about what it is you really want to be doing.

We do this by spending some time exploring what has (and has not) worked for you in the past.

Having had some work experience you already will have clarity on the things you have done but don’t want to ever have to do again as well as things you have tried and enjoyed and would really like the opportunity to do more of in the future.

We also explore new ideas or experiences you want to try going forward. 

Once we establish a scope of ideas about what you want then we narrow in on the available opportunities for you within specific roles and industries.

  • What’s available to you right now, what opportunities exist for you to get out there and explore something new?
  • Who do you know that has an interesting job that you think might be a good fit for you?
  • Can you go have a conversation and ask them about their job, what do they do and what is it like for them? Have a discussion and consider what about their story appeals to you.

Then we start making action plans to take advantage of existing opportunities to move your career forward.

For example:

  • There may be qualifications you need to explore.
  • Is there a particular set of skills that a job or industry would require you to develop?
  • What transferable skills do you currently have that you could build on?

As your career coach I support you through this exploration and action planning process.

I help keep you accountable to take the necessary steps to move forward. Including exploring the options that appeal to you, discovering who to talk to, what questions you need to ask, and what you need to prepare to confidently say, “This is what I want to be doing!”

Need help with a career move?

Call Angela Couch (NZ Career Coach) on 0226467818 or email to discuss your next career move.

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