how can you find a career that keeps you engaged and inspired

How to find a career that keeps you engaged and inspired

When all you want to do is quit your job and go home, how can you find a career that keeps you engaged and feeling inspired?

It is worthwhile spending some time figuring out what inspires you.

What is it about work that makes you get out of bed in the morning?

Where are you happiest working?

What is it that inspires you in your job?

  • For some people it’s repetitive work.
  • Many people enjoy being a creative.
  • For some people it’s all about starting new projects.
  • Other people prefer to finish them.

But what can you do when it seems like nothing much inspires you at work anymore and the highlight of your working day is going on your lunch break?

A helpful place to start is finding out what you value personally and how those values show up at work.

When enough of your personal values aren’t showing up in your work, you won’t be satisfied.

Maybe you’re finding that you’re good at starting things, but lacking inspiration to maintain engagement and complete them, which may lead you to discover that some of your personal values are not being met.

What can you do about it?

Find a role and a career where you get to work in harmony with your personal values on a daily basis.

Easier said than done right! But here is a real-life example:

In my previous personal work history when I’ve worked in large corporates, where I have been good with strategy and planning and creating something new and implementing a process for the first time. But maintenance and follow through was not my strength.

By that stage I was bored and ready to move on to the next new project.

What worked for me was always surrounding myself with people who liked structure and were good at finishing projects. I could then pass a project on once I was done with it, even though the project wasn’t completed.

Being self-employed where there’s just me working on a project, I don’t have that luxury of delegation and having others help finish the project.

So it was important to find a role and a career where all of my values are being met.

With career coaching, that works because while I’ve got a structure in place, every single coaching session is different. Which means I don’t get bored or feel the need to delegate to someone else. I like working with each and every one of my clients, because every person is unique.

And for me, that’s challenging, that’s engaging, and that’s inspiring. And that keeps me engaged, that keeps me satisfied in what I’m doing.

So if you are struggling with this, it’s worthwhile spending some time with a career coach to work out what those values are and how they show up in your work environment.

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