How my career coaching services can help you

I help people along their journey as they navigate their way through a career transition.

Whether you want to simply change jobs or want to change your career entirely and try something completely new with a new employer and in a new industry. I can help you with either of these with my career coaching services.

This short video explains:

There are a number of career coaching services I offer:

The first one is a Job Hunting Program. This is to help people who maybe have been made redundant or are just looking to change jobs but not change careers.

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In this program we go through what should go into a resume and what shouldn’t, what should you include in a cover letter, and what should you leave out.

I also help you in preparing for the interviews so that you know what stories you want to tell before showing up to a meeting with a potential employer.

We also go through the offer of employment and identify the negotiable points that can be discussed with an employer. And if there’s anything that needs to be addressed with an employment lawyer, I also know someone who can help.

The last part of this program is to follow through with a call when you started your new job and just check in and see how you’re going and how you’re fitting in.

Next package I offer is a Self-Discovery Program. This is really for people who are stuck in a job but not sure what’s wrong or not sure what to do next. Maybe they want to leave, maybe they don’t. Maybe they want to try a new industry, maybe they don’t. They’re not clear on the pain point and they’re not quite clear on what the solution is. They’re just not quite sure what to do next.

This Self-Discovery program is designed to help you take a step back and look at the bigger picture.

We look at what is working for you in your career right now, what’s not working for you in your career. We also examine what are the next steps that you can take to help yourself, along with exploring who can help you what other resources are available to you.

This program really is about gaining new perspectives and clarity about your current career situation.

The other program I offer is a 10-Step Career Transition Program.

This is a comprehensive program to help people who are really stuck, maybe they are done with their job, done with their career, and are ready to try something completely new.

They may have no idea what something completely new looks like or they may have an inclination but no idea how to branch into it.


What we do in this program is take a deep dive into what inspires you, what are your future goals, what’s going to make you happy, what your personal values are. We do a fair bit of self-reflection into who you are, what makes you tick, and how you want your personal values to show up for you at work.

Then we put together a plan of action, once we’ve identified what your goals are. We answer questions such as: where do you want to be? What industries might suit you? What action can you start taking? What opportunities and resources are available to you? Who can help you along the way?

And the last part of the program is really about you putting this action plan into effect.

I am there to be your accountability coach to help you start taking action and moving forward in your career. Taking the steps to try something new, explore new opportunities, and use the resources available to you.

That’s the Career Transition Program designed to help you discover what truly inspires you and to take action toward making it happen.

So if you’re currently facing a career transition, whether you just want to change jobs or you want to try something completely new, I am here to help.

I offer a free initial consultation where we will have a chat one to one and you can tell me your story, share your pain points with me, and then I can tell you more about my career coaching services and how they can help you.

So, if you’d like a chat about your career situation, and how I may be able to help, just get in touch. We can set up a free initial consultation and go from there.

Need help with getting your career moving in the right direction?

Call Angela Couch (Career Coach Auckland) on 0226 467 818 or email for a free initial consultation.

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