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Why Invest in Outplacement Services?

Why would an employer want to invest in offering outplacement services to employees who are being made redundant?

One advantage is that offering this as an employee benefit makes you more attractive to top talent.

If you’re finding it hard to recruit for roles and competing with your rivals to hire top talent, offering this kind of benefit can be significant for employees. While it’s a marginal cost to you, it’s a substantial personal benefit to the employee facing a transition.

Everyone these days moves around in their career at some point. It can make your job offer much more attractive if candidates know you’ll look after them, not only during their tenure with you but also as they transition out. This can help and be seen as an act of good faith in the employment relationship.

In the long term, it also means it’s easier to maintain good working relationships with these people if you end up working with previous employees as they advance in their careers. They might even become clients or partner businesses.

It’s beneficial to always leave them on good terms. It really is a win-win situation in that regard.

Just bear in mind that while outplacement services might be a marginal financial cost for you, they are a very personal and significant benefit to the employee who is leaving.

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