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For people facing changes in their career
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Angela Couch  of Career Inspiration- Auckland Career Coach - Career Coaching Auckland

What to expect

The Self Discovery Session is a personalised exploration of where you are at right now in your career.
You will gain new perspectives and insights to help you answer with more clarity:

  • What are your current career obstacles that are getting in the way of you making real progress?
  • What opportunities are available for you to start taking control of your own career path right now?
  • Who can help you take the next steps to move forward in your career?

Career coaching

In this session I create a safe space for you to explore what is and is not working for you in your current career position. Together we look at what are the existing obstacles that may feel like an unbreakable glass ceiling.  We also consider opportunities for you to take action with next steps and what support is available to you for your next career move.

Do You Need Career Coaching?

Do you feel disengaged in your current career and ready for a change but not sure what that change looks like?

Do you want to discover and explore new career opportunities that align with your personal values?

Do you wish you had someone on your side to support you through the challenges of learning a new job and building new professional relationships at work?

What I Can Do For You


Gain clarity about your dream career and how it will serve you now and in the future


Accountability to take action and begin to move forward in your career


Set realistic achieveable goals to help you move towards realising your dream career


Celebrate your successes acknowledge achievements and progress made



Discover what career development opportunities are available to you now

Fresh Start

Support in starting a new position and developing professional relationships

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Career Coaching?

Career Coaching is a partnership setup for transformative conversations and activities dedicated to helping you grow professionally and feel inspired to take meaningful steps towards achieving your own aspirations and career success.

How Do I Know if Career Coaching with Angela Is Right for Me?

It is important that you feel you can relate to your coach in a safe and trusted environment. Angela offers a free initial consultation, where you have the opportunity to discuss your needs and ask any questions you have about the career coaching service she provides.

What about Confidentiality and Professional Ethics

I adhere to ethics, integrity and standards for behaviour as set by the CDANZ as well as the ICF code of conduct and Code of Ethics.

Angela has motivated me to work on the insights and perspective that I developed from the coaching session.

I particularly liked the ”Points of You” cards Angela uses to help you see potential blockages that could be getting in your way, things that may not be working for you any longer plus insights to help you get to your next step.

Angela is excellent at what she does. I felt very at ease with Angela. She has a genuine care for you and creates a safe space in which to explore your current situation, clear any limiting beliefs that may be holding you back from exploring further options for your future. I would highly recommend anyone feeling ‘stuck’ with what should be their next move in their career to seek out Angela’s expertise.


What I loved about the coaching with Angela was the subtle way that she used coaching tools such as her Points of You cards, to help me explore myself and my values around work and to gain clarity and also think outside the box. She helped me see and seek opportunities I hadn’t necessarily thought of. I learned that I can go for roles outside of my comfort zone and get them!


If you want to develop and move forward go to Angela. She’s incredible at what she does, her many years of experience in HR and recruitment clearly reflect in her work. Angela is very easy to work with and she genuinely cares about you and your progress.
I couldn’t be happier with my results!




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