Venturing into the unknown 2

Venturing into the Unknown

Venturing into the unknown can sometimes feel like you are staring into a black abyss

When considering a change in your career whether that be a fresh new start; a change in direction; or a step up to a desired promotion, doing something new can feel uncomfortable and until you feel confident to step away from the safety of your current position, the whole experience can seem challenging and sometimes scary.

Like learning to swim, you can gain confidence in learning how to hold your breath and stay afloat, often with the support and guidance of good friends or family. However, there is so much more fun to be had in the water by becoming a confident swimmer when you have received the expertise of a professional swimming instructor.

So when you know that it is time for a change in your career, and making that first move feels like a daunting next step, who can help you on your journey?

I know I have learned through my own experiences that life is too short to settle for mediocrity in your career.

Sometimes friends and family, your colleagues or boss, are a great way to find support to help you take that next step.

But, if you are wanting more and are ready to reach for what truly makes you happy, the professional services of career coaching can support you throughout your career transition.

Does your next career move seem daunting?
Let’s have a chat about how Career Inspiration can help. Call Angela on 0226467818 to find out more.

Angela Couch (career coach Auckland) is a qualified career coach who has worked for10 years in HR and 5 years in recruitment. She brings this experience into coaching her clients with outstanding results.

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