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You love your job but hate your boss

You love your job but really don’t like your boss and are considering leaving because of it. What can we do about it?

Before you decide to leave, it is important to consider if the working relationship with your boss can be improved.

First thing we would look at is why are you not getting along with your boss?

Getting crystal clear about what is working in the professional relationship and what is not working for you.

  • We can look at what you can do to build on the positive interactions eg maybe your boss is a nicer person to talk to after he has had his morning coffee.
  • We can also look at what is within your control to improve the negative aspects of your relationship.

So what aspects of this relationship are you in control of?

  • How you expect them to behave before they even show up.
  • How you interact and react when they do show up.
  • How you follow up after being on the receiving end of their behaviour.

Those are three ways you can control how you communicate with them.

I can then coach you and support you through the process of changing your own beliefs, expectations and behaviour when focused on your relationship with your boss.

Once we’ve implemented changing the aspects of the relationship that are within your control, then we can re-evaluate what your relationship with your manager is like now.

How much has it improved? When you change the way you show up and you change your expectations, the results will always change.

The question then becomes whether the new relationship with your manager is something you can live with, or do you still want an improvement?

Some people really value being able to be friends with their boss. Other people are quite happy to just have a professional working relationship and not need to be friends with people that they work for.

It really comes down to what’s most important to you and what you value in your working life.

So if being on good friendship terms with people is something that’s really important to you and you feel that its something you’ll never have with your manager, then you could explore other opportunities and consider – where you might find a place that you can work and be friends with the people you see everyday?

Are there other places within the same organisation, other people that you would like to work for, that you already connect with on that friendship level where you could do a job that may be different from what you’re doing now?

Or, do you want to start looking further afield and consider a new organisation?

If a new job or organisation is where you decide you want to go then Career Coaching can help you identify the path and an action plan to help you get there.

Need help with a career move?

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